Open Fortran Parser (OFP)

The Open Fortran Parser (OFP) project provides ANTLR-based parsing tools that support the Fortran 2008 standard. The intent is to provide compiler front-end level tool with a standard-compliant Fortran parser. The final draft of the ISO Fortran 2003 specification originally used to develop OFP can be found at this location. Information on additions and changes to Fortran introduced in the 2008 language specification can be found here.

If you are a user looking for a tool to perform transformations or analysis tasks on Fortran code, you should look at the ROSE project. ROSE uses OFP to parse Fortran files. Most users will find ROSE to be the right solution to their problem. If you require direct access to the parser-level information, then OFP can be used on its own.

As of NetBeans version 6.9, OFP is listed as a dependency to provide basic Fortran support to the IDE.

The OFP project is currently available under the Eclipse Public License and the BSD License.

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